Different Stressful Situations Police Dispatchers Have to Deal with

Police dispatchers do much more than relaying information and coordinating operations of the law enforcement. Police dispatchers have a very responsible job that involves dealing with stress related 911 calls. If you are interested in this profession, you must be aware you won’t be doing an easy job. One of the basic tests you need to pass in the police dispatchers training schools is a stress testing. If you aren’t able to handle emergency situations in a calm and controlled manner, you aren’t suitable for this job. Stress testing is a form of elimination test and if you don’t pass it, you’ll be removed from the training.

If you have doubts about becoming a police dispatcher or you aren’t sure what kind of situations you’ll have to deal with, real along to find out. Although their job is made easier with the help of many tools and software, police dispatchers still have to deal with many stressful and dangerous situations. Their job isn’t only to protect the victim who needs immediate assistance, they also must protect the police officers on the watch by giving them all the necessary information that will prevent them going into unknown and dangerous situations. A dispatcher must respond the call in a calm and speedy manner and then dispatch the proper number of police units according to the appropriate type of emergency.


At this job, you have to deal with stressful incidents like acts of violence, spousal abuse, rape, murder, suicide, child abuse or child neglect, shootings, drive-by shootings, gang fights, gang murders, robberies and many more. Although you will pass extensive training about all the mentioned subjects, you may not be able to deal with this kind of stress for long. That’s why you must make sure you’re able to perform this job properly. If you are not sure in your decision you will possible endanger not only the lives of the innocent victims that need your help but also the lives of the police officers. Working as a police dispatcher also has its brighter side because you’ll also be dealing with harmless incidents like a lost pet or a cat stuck on the tree. These situation will give you relieve from more stressful incidents that are, unfortunately, more common than the harmless ones.


According to statistical research conducted from one of the police dispatcher schools, dispatchers say that the most stressful situation they have to deal with is a caller that is threatening to commit suicide.

“Although every dispatcher has a necessary wording of the responses, it is very hard to stay calm during that talk”, says Alice, a police dispatcher from Walnut Creek, CA.

It is not uncommon that in case of suicide, dispatchers feel guilty they couldn’t do more to help. If you want to find more about the stressful situation police dispatchers go through, you can find many audio visual materials online. If you use video on demand platform, you’ll be able to actually join one of the training classes at dispatcher’s schools that involve a mixture of live material and orchestrated actors.

If you are still interested in becoming a police dispatcher, know that they are in demand in the U.S. You can find more information about the necessary requirement and training at this website 911dispatcherprograms.org.


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