Lactoferrin: How it is Beneficial for Humans

Lactoferrin is a type of protein commonly found in milk of cow & human. Colostrum, the first milk produced after a baby is born, contains high levels of lactoferrin, about seven times the amount found in milk produced later on.

Did you know what are the positive affects of Lactoferrin on us? Check this out in the following article by Dr Mohammed AlKhateeb.

Lactoferrin & Immunity – Quick Review

As a first line defensive protein already utilised by the immune system, it is extremely well tolerated with no toxicity or side effects. Whilst it is found in the mucosal linings of the body, this is very useful in guarding against upper respiratory tract infections (URTI’s), as it is these airway mucosal linings in which the vir….Read the complete article here…

Lactoferrin has antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial, anti-cancer, catalytic, and anti-allergic functions and properties which makes it a suitable choice for us, especially newborn babies. The next blog post with Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov talks about the role of Lactoferrin on Newborn babies.

The role of lactoferrin in the proper development of newborns

Colostrum and milk contain, in addition to nutritional constituents, also proteins crucial for the normal development of the offspring. Lactoferrin (LF) belongs to the family of iron-binding proteins and exhibits a wide spectrum of antimicrobial and immunotropic properties. Read the complete article here…

Initial stages of your newborn babies require some extra sort of care that’s where
Lactoferrin comes useful. Though it is transferred to your baby through mother milk but there are some alternate options as well.

The next video by Casey Camper on youtube elaborates some useful facts about Lactoferrin. Check this out!

This was everything you need to know about Lactoferring and its Positive Affects on our body. Consult your health expert today about the ways to consume Lactoferrin!

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